Moon Massage for Women

Treat yourself to a luxurious full body massage! 

Enjoy the warmth of the heated table and warm packs,

Luxuriate in rich organic oils combined with wonderful custom aromatherapy

and sink into my specialty of Deep Relaxation!



From relaxation to specialty massage that addresses specific needs, Ellenora Cage has been providing clients with a wonderful experience for over 13 years. Elle is a NYS licensed massage therapist who specializes in women's health and well being.  She is devoted to providing a warm, comfortable and relaxing environment to help leave behind the cares of the day and enjoy very deep relaxation.  Her  lovely Woodstock studio looks out among tranquil pines, offering beautiful peace for mind and body.





                  75min: 120$                  90min: 140$

seasonal essential oil blends + organic oils are used in all treatments

Full Spectrum CBD oil available + 15$


deep relaxation

full body massage promoting relaxation and health using traditional Swedish techniques, aromatic oils, 

and warmth, lots of foot and head/ neck work allows the body and mind to completely release into a state of deep relaxation                                           


deep tissue ( with cupping ) 

trigger point, neuromuscular and myofascial techniques to release tight muscles and heal injuries

cupping techniques may be used to free adhesions and increase lymph flow for healing


pregnancy and post-partum massage 75 min 130$

providing comfort and increasing health for all phases of pregnancy and supporting new moms postpregnancy


hot stone massage 75 min 140$

heated basalt stones melt away tension as they are place in specific areas and used to massage sore muscles   


hypnomassage (60 min massage and 30 min hypnosis) 150$

an incredible mind and body combination using hypnosis during a massage ...especially effective for anxiety, chronic pain and body awareness issues, insomnia and infertility


heaven and earth (60min only) 110$

a wonderful neck, head and face massage  combined with an ultra pampering foot massage ...the best from head to toe!

(no need to remove clothes)


Treat Yourself!